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A student community was established in order to spread science to society under the umbrella of EKOSAM.


About EKOSAM Student Comunity;                                                                                                        

EKOSAM Student Community aims to protect the natural wealth and biological diversity of ecosystems, especially the METU campus, and to raise awareness by making environmental and nature-themed activities primarily for the students of METU and for people who visit and work in the campus.


Constitution of the EKOSAM Student Community;

The first foundations of the community were created within the scope of Nature for Youth and the City Project supported and carried out by the Nature Conservation Center, METU, Butterfly Conservation (UK), Anima Mundi (IT) and Thessaly Technological Education Institute (GR) under the framework of Erasmus + Strategic Partnerships. The community has been constituted by the participants who have reshaped the nature host phenomenon and grew up as one of them in the project.


What Nature Hosts do and what are their goals;

As a person who communicates with nature the nature host, provides individuals and communities to establish ecological and cultural ties and to raise awareness about nature. Besides, they bring ecological literacy, defined as the ability to understand the natural processes that make life possible on our planet and lead to bonding with ecosystems and biodiversity with support for spending time outdoors and physical activity. In the framework of these definitions, nature hosts continued their activities with people from all age groups with nature workshops and botanical studies. Also, they are guided the people who want to have a nature host identity with the trainer training program. The most important activity is BioBlitz, which is carried out in the form of a marathon with the participation of expert nature scientists, volunteer nature guides and citizens. Based on the data obtained in this event, the second of which was organized at the request of the participants and planned to continue regularly, a common species guide was created with the 2018 and 2019 BioBlitz report. EKOSAM community consist of students who are interested in environment and nature, eager to spread awareness on campus protection and research and willing to communicate with people share the same enthusiasm, aimed at the continuity of nature activities and BioBlitz. In line with this purpose, it plans to build awareness of nature conservation by organizing documentary screenings, field activities and trainings, and to reinforce the interest of people take care of protecting and recognizing ecosystems.



Please communicate with us at any time by phone number, +905058427853 or with e-mail address of